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Housing Energy Upgrades

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We have a very big challenge ahead to make our homes less dependent on fossil fuels.

Cratloe Community Council has partnered with Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative who are a community organisation who have great experience in supporting homeowners and communities to avail of grant aid to upgrade their homes. Click on the ECTC logo above to get an insight into what they do.

We all have to think of how we will heat our homes once oil and gas are no longer viable options over the next number of years. The key starting point is to improve the energy efficiency of the house and reduce it's overall energy requirement. This has the added bonus of producing a more comfortable home that is cheaper to heat.

If you agree that you are eventually going to have to deal with this issue, it is better to start the process sooner rather than later. The starting point is to get an energy assessment completed by a professional who can identify the work that will need to be done to your house to improve it's energy efficiency. Please contact us on the contact page or contact ECTC directly.

We held a webinar earlier in the year and we will organise another live or virtual meeting with anyone interested.

SEAI grants through the One Stop Shop Service


Grants available to those in receipt of Fuel allowance or Disability allowance


ECTC are a One Stop Shop working in partnership with the Cratloe Community. Please follow this link to find out more or email

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