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SEAI Sustainable Energy Community

Cratloe Community Council has registered as a Sustainable Energy Community with SEAI


Becoming a Sustainable Energy Community allows us to access supports and information to assist Cratloe to become a truly Sustainable Energy Community. Click on this link to learn more about SECs

Energy Master Plan

One of the benefits of being an SEC is substantial support to get a professional Energy Master Plan prepared for our community. This can look at the overall energy use of the community as well as samples of individual households to assist us in understanding how we can reduce our overall energy usage and become more energy independent.

Before we begin this mammoth task we would like to get as many people involved as possible to help shape the objectives for the plan so that we end up with a truly useful document that assists us into the future in individual and community planning.

If you have any interest in our future energy use, please work with us to shape our plan. 

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