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Static Pile Open Composting System.

Gather separate piles of green and brown garden waste, eg; grass clippings, leaves, wood chip.
Measure the available space to form your compost area.
1M Wide X 1.2 M High X 3 M Long is ideal, but the length can vary.
Combine a 50/50 mix of green and brown matter along the base and layer up to 1.2 M High.
Turn the pile once you have reached the desired/available length making sure that it is not longer than 4 months after starting the pile. Cover the top to keep excess water off.
You can turn it again after 4 months if it has not fully composted.
Meanwhile, starting a new pile and doing the same.
You will have beautiful organic compost for your pots and beds next year!

Did you know that dumping your lawn cuttings and general garden waste in the corner of your garden creates methane gas which is detrimental to the environment.


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